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Albert Fish

Albert Fish is one of the child and pedophiles serial killers to live on the planet. It has been identified that he has molested, tortured and killed over 400 children in a variety of instances. He was well known as the Gray Man back in the day. Brooklyn Vampire and Moon Maniac were some other names that were used to describe Albert Fish back in the day.  The entire country was frightened by this cannibal and child rapist. In fact, he claimed that he tortured and killed children from every single state of the country.

Childhood of Albert Fish

Albert Fish was born back in 1870 at Washington DC. The father of Albert Fish was an American whereas his mother was a Scots-Irish American. In fact, the father of Albert Fish was 43 years older than the mother. Albert Fish was the youngest member of the family, whereas he had three siblings. However, Albert Fish was forced to go to an orphanage during the childhood and that’s where he spent most of his life.

When Albert Fish turned 20, he moved to the New York City. That’s where he became a prostitute. In the meantime, he started raping young boys in NYC as well. Back in 1898, the mother of Albert Fish arranged a marriage for him. She was 9 years younger than Albert Fish. After the marriage, Albert Fish had six children as well.

In 1898, he continued molesting children as well. During that time, he was working as a house painter. He was keeping an eye on children who were aged under six years.

BY 1910, Albert Fish was working in Delaware. That’s where he came across a guy named Thomas Kedden. They soon got into a sadomastic relationship. Both of them lived in the place that Albert Fish owned. Even though it is not clear whether Albert Fish forced the guy to do some of the things, they were living together. But after a short period of time, Albert Fish took this guy to an old farm and started torturing him. This torturing took place for about two weeks. During this time, Albert Fish tied Kedden and cut a part of his penis as well. That was the very first brutal murder committed by Albert Fish.

During 1917, the wife of Albert Fish left him. However, the wife left all his children as well. Therefore, Albert Fish had to raise his children as a single parent. In the meantime, he started self-torturing as well. From one of the x-rays captured after his arrest, it was seen than 29 needles are there within the pelvic region. This clearly shows that Albert Fish has been self-torturing himself in the past.

Back in 1919, Albert Fish stabled one of the disabled boys in Washington DC. For this incident, he selected five other individuals. All the victims of Albert Fish were African Americans or mentally handicapped individuals. That’s because it was easier for him to kill those individuals. It was later figured out that Albert Fish made payments to boys in order to send mentally handicapped or African American individuals on his way.

On 1924, he killed an eight-year-old boy. This boy was playing in the Staten Island farm with the parents. However, Albert Fish was able to build up a close relationship with the boy, where he offered money. He eventually tortured and killed that child as well.

Albert Fish got married again to another woman during 1930 in New York. However, that marriage lasted only for one week and they got divorced. In the same year, Albert Fish got arrested as well.

The murder of Grace Budd

Among the murders that Albert Fish committed, the murder of Grace Budd holds a prominent place. This unfortunate incident happened during 1928. When Albert Fish was going through the classified section of the Sunday newspaper, he came across an advertisement of Grace Budd, who was willing to position himself in the country. He visited the family of Albert Fish in Manhattan and made a promise to hire Budd along with his friend named Willie. However, he had underlying plans to torture and kill Budd. Albert Fish was able to execute his plan successfully. For this incident, he later got a guy named Edward Budd and the police thought that he is responsible for the death of Grace Budd. He had to spend his time in jail for 108, until where was found that he is not guilty. This clearly shows how planned and prepared Albert Fish was with his murders. He was an intelligent serial killer in the history of America as well.

The capture of Albert Fish

Police was after Albert Fish for the disappearance of Grace Budd. That’s where they figured out that Albert Fish has got some sort of a connection along with the New York Private Chauffers’ Benevolent Association. A janitor who worked for his company provided additional information to the police. Police could finally get hold of Albert Fish and he agreed to go to the police headquarters for questioning. But then he brandished a razor blade. The police quickly acted and disarmed Albert Fish. Then he was taken to the police headquarters.

Albert Fish agreed that he is responsible for the disappearance of Grace Budd. He told that he was planning to kill Edward Budd, who was the brother of Grace Budd. But later he revealed the well-planned murder that he committed. Along with that, the other crimes committed by Albert Fish were also revealed.

The trial for murder started in 1935. For all the murders committed, Albert Fish was sentenced to death. He was charged against a variety of incidents, including child molestation and masochism. During 1935, Albert Fish was killed in electric chair. A large number of hand written notes, which reveal a lot of crimes committed by Albert Fish were later identified as well.