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Ed Gein

Ed Gein is a grave robber and a notorious killer to live on the planet. The activities done by him inspired the creation of a large number of film makers as well. Therefore, it is also possible to find a large number of movies that were released after him.

Ed Gein was born back in 1906 at Wisconsin. His childhood was not a pleasant one. That’s because he had to live under a controlling mother. However, he was attached to his mother. After her death, which took place in 1945, the mental health of Ed Gein disintegrated. As a result, he was going through a series of mental health issues.

Back in 1957, Ed Gein was caught by police as a suspect for murder. As a result, the police investigated his home as well. That’s where they could discover a large number of human organs stored inside the e. On other hand, they were able to find a large number of clothing accessories, which belonged to a large number of individuals. After this incident, he was institutional.

Childhood and adulthood of Ed Gein

The father of Ed Gein was an alcoholic. On the other hand, his mother was fanatically religious. He had an elder brother in the family as well. By 1915, Ed Gein moved into a farm located in Plainfield along with the family members. He was spending most of his time at the farm as well.

After the death of the father, Ed Gein and his brother had no other method to support the family. As a result, they started working on odd jobs. By 1944, both of them were burning brush on property. This gave life to rage and his brother, Henry, was found dead after few days as a result of a fire in the property. It was initially believed that Henry has died because of the fire. But it was later revealed that Ed Gein is the person responsible for the death of the brother as well.

The monster trapped inside Ed Gein comes out

As mentioned earlier, Ed Gein had a controlling mother. As a result, he never got the opportunity to go out of the home, instead for school. As a result, he didn’t get the chance to date a girl as well. This created a lot of mental pain and frustration to Ed Gein, especially after the death of the mother. He was spending his time alone after 1945, where he got deranged. His life became messed up on a daily basis.

In the meantime, Ed Gein found a work opportunity as a handyman. He was also working as a babysitter. However, it was identified that some of the neighbours disappeared from time to time. Ed Gein was responsible for these disappearances. However, he was lucky enough not to get caught.

The assassination of Bernice Worden

The assassination of Bernice Worden was a turning point in the life of Ed Gein. On the month of October, 1957, it was reported that Bernice Worden is missing. By that time, she was working in the hardware store, which was located in Plainfield. Along with the disappearance of Bernice Worden, her cash register was also mission. In addition, it was possible to find a trail of blood, which led towards the back of the shop. The son of Bernice Worden was a Sheriff. He suspected that Ed Gein is the responsible person for the disappearance of his mother.

Due to the thoughts that came into the head of Bernice Worden’s son, a team was sent to the home of Ed Gein. They were surprised with what they could find at the sight. In fact, they saw the gutted body of Bernice Worden, hanging from the ceiling. They could only see the headless body. After further investigation, they were able to come up with more shocking discoveries. They discovered a large number of human organs, which were assorted inside jars. In addition, they noticed that Ed Gein has used human skulls as soup bowls.

Ed Gein was immediately arrested for questioning. That’s where he confessed about the murder of Worden. In addition, he also confessed about the murder of Mary Hogan, which took place three years ago. He also admitted to the fact that he was cutting the body parts of the people that he killed. He was practicing fashioning masks and necrophilia with them. He was wearing these masks around the house. The authorities were able to discover plenty of evidences, which proved his confession.

With these confessions, authorities assumed that Ed Gein is responsible for many more deaths that took place in the past. As a result, they thought of developing a deep connection with him. However, it was not possible for them to get out any definitive conclusions. In 1958, it was identified that Ed Gein was not fit enough to stand the trial as well. As a result, he was taken into the Central State Hospital. That’s where he worked as the assistant of a carpenter.

Trial and death of Ed Gein

In 1968, it was determined that Ed Gein is fit enough to stand the trail. The trial started in 1968. That’s where it was identified that Ed Gein is responsible for the death of Bernice Worden. In addition, it was also identified that Ed Gein has been insane at the time of the murder. Due to this reason, he was taken back into the Central State Hospital.

There was a petition back in 1974 to release Ed Gein. However, it got rejected. On the latter part of the decade, Ed Gein was taken to the Mendota Mental Health Institute. That’s where he passed away. Respiratory illness and cancer led him towards his death, which took place back in 1984.