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Ted Bundy

For normal ordinary folk killing an animal could be disgusting but for Ted Bundy who was no normal or ordinary person killing humans, not one but many was no problem at all. He confessed to 30 homicides across seven states in the United States. Most of his victims were young women who were taken up by his very handsome and charismatic looks.

A troubled birth

He was born Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont in the United States of America. His mother Eleanor Louise Cowell gave birth to him at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers but the name of his father has remained a mystery. Louise as his mother was usually addressed gave conflicting details of his father but none of them matched the information she gave.

Louise provided the name of Lloyd Marshall on her baby’s birth certificate as the father but later recanted the paternity of her child and said that she was seduced by a sailor whose name she thought was Jack Worthington.   

It was in hushed tones that her extended family and neighbors spoke when it came to who would have fathered Louise’s baby boy. There was speculation that it was none other than her own abusive father Samuel Cowell. There was no evidence to substantiate this and there no DNA testing during that period of time.

It was in such an environment of uncertainty that Theodore Robert Cowell was born and this could have been one of the reasons that he targeted women to take revenge from his mother as she did not even know his father. The child had a tumultuous upbringing which could have contributed to his violent behavior later in life.

A confused childhood

The child of Louise carried a stigma, as children out of wedlock were not acceptable socially at that time in the country. To avoid being ostracized, Louise’s parents who lived in Philadelphia took the onus upon them to bring up the child during his first three years claiming publicly that it was their child. This left the young toddler in a much more confused state of mind.

This did not digest well with him as he did not know who his family was and why he had so many questions to answer covering up issues that he just did not understand. These events in the young life of the child confused him beyond comprehension.

To add fuel to the fire this troubled and confused child was called a bastard within his extended family and it went beyond to his school too. He was told that Louise his mother was his elder sister. These events would have been what turned him into one of this country’s most notorious serial killers.

Taking on the Bundy name

Things were beginning to confuse not only the child but even Louise and with some advice from others she changed her name from Cowell to Nelson in 1950 and left her parent’s home to live in Tacoma, Washington with her cousins. A year later she married a hospital cook, Johnny Culpepper Bundy.

After her marriage to Bundy she wanted to give her son some respectability and take him off from his confusion and gave him the name Bundy. Since then he adopted the name Ted Bundy which would one day be splashed across every small, medium and large newspaper in the country for all the wrong reasons. The name Ted Bundy is still spoken with shudders down the spine when recollecting his escapades between the years 1974 and 1978. He would forever be remembered as the most gruesome and calculated serial killer of all time. What brought him to be so many psychologists have tried to decipher but it has been in vain. He would remain an enigma forever as we would not know whether it was his mother, grandfather or his unknown father who was responsible for his violent behavior.

The killing spree

His charming personality and very docile ways put women off guard and he lured them with his remarkably good looks sometimes feigning injury or impersonating an authoritative figure. He had a way about him which put many of his victims at ease and in complete confidence in him when he approached them.

Profiles drawn afterwards showed that he was indeed a very charming man. Hence there was no way any young woman would reject his advances. Once he gained the confidence of the women he so approached he would take them to isolated locations and murder them.

He would revisit the crime scene and perform sexual acts with the cadaver and when putrefaction set in or it was attacked by wild animals he just left the decomposing body there and left. He would then roam around in his Volkswagen Beetle and pick up another unsuspecting young woman.

This routine of his was broken sometimes when he broke into homes and bludgeoned sleeping women for no rhyme or reason, and left providing no clue at all to the baffled investigators. In 1975 Ted Bundy was arrested and incarcerated in the state of Utah. From here he escaped and went back to his old ways and started hi killing spree again.

He was always a few steps ahead of the investigators who were convinced that Ted Bundy was their serial killer but it took them time to apprehend him. In the meantime he was making headline news and the killing spree went on in seven states.

Marriage, child and execution

Whilst his trial for the murders were being heard he met Carole Ann Boone whom he married by declaring in court picking a loophole in the law. Later her visits to see him in prison resulted in Carole getting pregnant which was possible due to corrupt prison officials.

Carole gave birth to a daughter and she names Ted Bundy as the father. When the child was six years old the infamous and notorious serial killer Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair on January 24, 1989 at the Florida State Prison.